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  • Best Skin Pack | Skin Routine

    Original price was: €102.99.Current price is: €92.69. incl. VAT

    Everything you need for glowing skin in one gorgeous pack! 

    Face Tan Water – This global best seller is brilliantly formulated to clear blemishes and reduce the appearance of redness. With lightweight, hydrating properties, it evens blotchy complexions while giving a golden glow.

    Super Citrus Cleanser – This is about to become a staple in your skincare routine and is suitable for all skin types. If you’re looking for a cleanser that removes all your makeup, dirt and impurities, we’ve got you.

    Super Fruit Hydrator – Feed your skin the best, with this vitamin-rich lotion that’s packed with superfruit ingredients. Moisturising but also incredibly light & non-comedogenic so it won’t block your pores. The perfect oil free hydrator for all skin types!

    Headband – Keep your hair back with our adjustable Velcro headband. This is essential to create the ultimate pamper feel when completing your skincare routine. 

    Cosmetic Bag – This beautiful cosmetic bag is the perfect addition to keep all your organic goodies in. 

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  • Bronzer

    27.95 incl. VAT

    Inspired by the Earth, this bronzer is your best friend for delivering a natural sun-kissed glow! You’ll love it as an easy-to-use contour, or an all over body bronze.

    Carefully formulated with all natural ingredients, the rich and velvety powder is sure to become a staple in your makeup routine.

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  • Cacao Tanning Mousse™

    35.95 incl. VAT

    If you love the smell of a Jaffa and the texture of a mousse, our Cacao Tanning Mousse is perfect for you. It will give you a luxurious deep, Earth bronze tone. It’s non-sticky, smells amazing, dries instantly and is never orange – what more do you want?

    Tip: For best results, apply two coats. For a light coat, you can leave it on for one hour. Or if you’re like me, I do a double coat, get dressed and go about my day, or I sleep in it.

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  • Coconut Body Milk

    35.95 incl. VAT

    This powerhouse, thick, luxurious moisturiser belongs in every bathroom in your house. From babies to great gran, the phenomenal organic ingredients will deeply soothe, protect and transform your skin.

    Tip: Super charge it with some Glory Oil™️ and leave it on as a thick barrier and it will gently absorb without a greasy feeling!

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  • Coconut Mint Body Wash

    18.95 incl. VAT

    This is in every shower & every sink in our house. Not only does it smell absolutely divine, it’s also wonderfully nourishing whilst giving you a cleaner, deeper love. With the alchemy of Mint, Coconut and Aloe Vera that delivers pure bliss.

    Tip: Use on hands, body & face – and it’s good in the bath tub!

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  • Cream Blush

    27.95 incl. VAT

    We have only launched one blush because after years of formulating, we have perfected a universal colour that suits all skin tones and complexions. Once you’ve used it you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. This luxury cream blush blends beautifully and maintains a natural look while remaining long lasting.

    A multi purpose, exquisite coloured cream blush from nature’s own pigments using an all natural and vegan formulation. This luxurious cream will make you blush!

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  • Exfoliating Glove

    14.95 incl. VAT

    Don’t do all the hard work yourself – let us give you a hand. Our miracle working glove, is tougher than she looks. Whether you are prepping your perfect base before your tan, removing your existing one or just need a good scrub… this is your shower essential for your smoothest skin yet.

    Tip: Searching for the best way to remove fake tan? Use Pink Salt Himalayan Salt Scrub with our Tan Remover Glove to gently buff skin and remove old tan, as well as treating ingrown hairs, rough heels, elbows and knees.

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  • Eye Compost | Apricot Eye Cream

    44.95 incl. VAT

    This miracle formulated cream does wonders for the under eye area. Not only is the eye area super sensitive, it’s also one of the first places to show signs of ageing. Each ingredient is carefully chosen to boost collagen, combat wrinkles, and brighten the skin. It has all the actives of a serum, but feels like a buttery soft cream.

    Meet our superstar ingredients:

    Bakuchiol is nature’s alternative to Retinol, and helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles, as well as improving elasticity and firmness.

    Apricot Oil is jam packed with Vitamins A, C & E to maintain radiance and softness. It strengthens the skin barrier and protects cells from damaging free radicals.

    Kakadu Plum  is a rich source of Vitamin C to protect your skin from free radicals and their effects.

    TIP: Apply Glory oil after you have used this product for the ultimate eye treatment

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  • Eyeliner | Perfect Black

    19.95 incl. VAT

    Soft, pigmented, and non-irritating on sensitive eyes, this luxuriously formulated pencil will change your eye makeup game. You will love our universally must have black eyeliner pencil! This creamy black eyeliner allows for an easy application with no bleed. This is long lasting and has been formulated to ensure high pigmentation and wearability. Perfect for perfecting your wing or deepening your water line.

    All natural, vegan, water resistant eyeliner pencil with Marla, Sunflower and Vitamin E. Easy blending. Precision definition. Long lasting pigment.

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  • Eyeliner | Perfect Brown

    19.95 incl. VAT

    Soft, pigmented, and non-irritating on sensitive eyes, this luxuriously formulated pencil will change your eye makeup game. Soft and non irritating with superb ingredients. You will love our universally must have browneyeliners! The creamy eyeliner allows for an easy application with no bleed. This long lasting brown eyeliner has been formulated to ensure high pigmentation and wearability.

    All natural, vegan, water resistant eyeliner pencil with Marla, Sunflower and Vitamin E. Easy blending. Precision definition. Long lasting pigment.

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  • Face | Sunscreen

    24.95 incl. VAT

    Future-proof your face with our iconic Face Sunscreen SPF 30, specially formulated to be lightweight and rub in clear!

    If you’re like us, and love a sunscreen on your face that doesn’t feel like you’re wearing it and doesn’t block your pores or break you out, we’ve got you. Like everything in our range, it’s clean, and doesn’t contain any nasty synthetics. Any dermatologist will say that the key to youthful skin is a good sunscreen everyday. This one is gentle on the skin, kind to our reefs and the ocean, and incredibly effective and blocking harmful UV rays.

    Meet our superstar ingredients:

    Watermelon Seed Extract is packed with magnesium which is wonderful for calming skin irritations and other skin conditions. Full of antioxidants and vitamins, your skin will thank you later!

    Organic Cucumber Extract is a gentle soothing ingredient that will also fill the skin with hydration

    Sunflower Seed Oil is high in natural vitamin E, which is an anti-ageing powerhouse that will help to smooth and brighten the skin

    TIP: Use me for the perfect makeup base!

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  • Face Compost™ Mask Purple Power with Organic Acai, Dragon Fruit and Australian Clay

    35.95 incl. VAT

    Purple Power for your face – like no other mask you’ve tried before.

    This is a supernatural CLEAR & CALM mask for your face. A purifying and powerful antioxidant rich, anti-inflammatory treatment mask which is perfect for all skin types. It’s a perfect accompaniment to our fabulous Skin Compost™ Range.

    TIP: Perfect as a pre makeup mask to help your foundation glide on.

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  • Face Tan Water™

    35.95 incl. VAT

    Your real life Organic filter! The original, gradual self-tanning toner for your face, neck and décolletage. This global fan favourite product, brilliantly camouflages blemishes and reduces the appearance of redness.

    The perfect face tanner, with natural Hyaluronic Acid, one of the most effective hydrating ingredients for skin. This gradual face tanner has lightweight moisturising properties, so your skin is left feeling soft and hydrated, never greasy! It’s non-comedogenic so it’s not going to block your pores!

    Tip: As it’s a gradual tan, you can have it as soft or deep as you like! Try applying two coats for a deeper result.

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  • Glory | Oil

    116.95 incl. VAT

    100 ml

    The holy grail. This supernatural, organic cold pressed oil is a powerhouse of omegas and antioxidants.  It looks and feels like pure liquid gold, going on the skin lightly and smoothly, to instantly plump and moisturise.

    Glory Oil offers compassion to your skin and is used on scars, fine lines, skin irritations and problematic skin – or for just those that are chasing a radiant complexion. There’s a reason Glory Oil™️ is multi-award winning and internationally renowned for its effectiveness- there’s simply nothing like it. A league of its own. Elite yet humble.

    Meet our super star ingredients:

    Inca Inchi is full of omegas to nourish and restore skin to its true glory.

    Acai has antioxidants that are soothing for a variety of irritating skin concerns

    Pumpkin Seed Oil assists in calming red, dry skin to nourish and restore skin without being greasy or heavy

    You’ll find no nasties in our list of ingredients and only a meticulously blended combination of super seeds to drench your skin in goodness. We have customers who swear by using Glory Oil as an acne treatment, using it once or twice a week to quickly battle any blemishes.

    All skin types thrive using our certified organic Glory Oil.

    TIP:  it’s also perfect to use on cuticles, nails, body and hair!

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  • Glory Lips

    11.95 incl. VAT

    An indulgent lip balm designed to soothe, heal and nourish lips. Don’t be kissed by a chemical lab. Be loved up by Glory Lips. Glory Lips is an organic, natural lip balm without the harsh, nasty synthetic ingredients. A lot of what you put on your lips, you end up ingesting, so that’s why ours is 100% natural!

    Glory Lips is better for the Earth as it is made from PCR and Sugar Cane Pulp on a solar farm here in Australia.

    TIP: Apply it over a lip liner for a perfect pout.

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  • Glory Oil™ with Pumpkin Seed, Inca Inchi and Acair Fruit

    44.95 incl. VAT

    30 ml

    The holy grail. This supernatural, cold pressed oil, Glory Oil, is a powerhouse of omega 3, 6 & 9. There’s not much it can’t do, it’s pure liquid gold.

    Glory Oil offers compassion to your skin and is used on scars, fine lines, skin irritations and problematic skin – or just those that are chasing a radiant complexion.

    Tip: For acne prone skin, we recommend using Glory Oil as a treatment once or twice a week as we have seen phenomenal results in inflammation and redness, perfect for scarring. Cuticles, nails, body, hair – it’s your essential holy grail.

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