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NHS advice for those suffering from a sinus infection is to clean their nose with a saltwater solution to ease congestion (1).

It is also thought that steam inhalation can be particularly helpful when (2):

Your voice feels tired, sore, or hoarse
Your throat feels dry
You have an irritating persistent cough or thick mucus
When used in a steamy shower, our Just Breathe Aromatherapy Shower Steamers helped to relieve nasal congestion, but also could be used to revive your energy. The shower steamers used our bespoke Just Breathe Aromatherapy Blend, a combination of menthol crystals with pure essential oils like myrrh and peppermint.

So what are aromatherapy shower steamers?

They are a simple and fun way to give yourself the spa experience at home, a great way to start your day and to relax and unwind, after a long one. Shower steamers are used to add a scent to your shower. The benefits of using aromatherapy shower steamers include:

Relaxation – adding essential oils into the water can help you relax after a long day
Sleep aid – the relaxing properties of certain essential oils e.g. lavender make them effective sleep aids for people suffering from insomnia or anxiety disorders
Can improve your mood and boost your mental wellbeing
Can be used to relieve cold symptoms to do with congestion
The shower steamers are similar in their form and texture to the bath bombs. They both use baking soda and citric acid that in contact with water create the fizzing action. What differentiates them is that bath bombs will often use oils to moisturise skin when you are having a bath. They will use a lot of different colours to make your bath colourful, too. Whereas the aromatherapy shower steamers use a lot of essential oils that are key to the aromatherapy experience. There is no benefit in adding salts or flower petals to shower steamers as they will all end up in the shower drain. Finally, the shower steamers will typically be smaller in size.

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