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  • Baby Care & Relaxing Oil | Lavender

    11.50 incl. VAT

    Almond and Calendula

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  • Kids Body Wash | with Oat & Vanilla

    12.95 incl. VAT


    Evergetikon kids Gentle  body wash with oatmeal and vanilla is specifically designed for children’s skin. It does not contain sulfates and parabens, its friendly composition is its point of excellence. It cleanses gently without removing the natural oils from the skin and contributes to the maintenance of normal moisture levels. Oat has soothing and protective properties and works against itching and irritation for sensitive skin. Vanilla and bergamot create the wonderful, sweet and spring fragrance.

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  • Traditional Beeswax Cream for Babies & Lactating Mothers

    14.00 incl. VAT

    The beeswax has (for centuries) been used as a drastic blocking acting on the skin surface, forming a protective film on the skin against irritations, while enabling it to breathe. Calendula that is contained, gently treats the skin and acts in a soothing way. Without any perfume, a cream that both mother and baby can […]

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