Just Sleep | Gift Set

Improve your well-being through the benefits of aromatherapy.

This set includes our JUST SLEEP Aromatherapy Blend in a 10 ml bottle and a 100 g glass jar with Himalayan salt rocks.

Use Just Sleep Aromatherapy Blend to relax, relieve stress, and prepare your body and mind for better sleep. The JUST SLEEP aromatherapy composition is sweet and aromatic, soothes nerves and tension, and helps promote a deeper, more restful sleep.  

Immerse yourself in the lovely scents of bergamot, lavender, and frankincense to create a deeply relaxing atmosphere that will leave you feeling more grounded, happy, and at peace.

Add a drop of Just Sleep blend to the jar of Himalayan Salt Crystals and breathe in. Place the jar on your bedside table and use it as needed.

You can also place a scented crystal in your shower to create a spa-like experience.
Simply place a crystal infused with Just Sleep Aromatherapy blend in your shower. The steam in the air and water from the shower will activate it to release a burst of scent.

Enjoy your small yet meaningful moment of self-care. 

Wellbeing benefits:

• Relaxes the nervous system

• Helps you wind down and prepare for bed 

• Designed to improve the quality of sleep