Persephone | Limited Edition Body Care Set 3pcs

with essential oils of rose, jasmine & ylang-ylang

The Sensual & Euphoric Gift!

Treat yourself to an aromatherapeutic elixir with our Limited Edition Persephone Set! Envelop yourself in a luxurious bouquet of roses, jasmine, and ylang-ylang, where clean freshness intertwines with an air of sensuality. Our sublime cream wash, body milk, and body splash are the essence of relaxation, evoking euphoria through the symphony of aromas!

The set contains:

Limited Edition Persephone Cream Wash 250ml: Shower gel with 100% natural foaming agents that respect the pH of the skin. Enriched with organic olive oil & aloe, vitamin complex and essential oils that offer rich hydration, antioxidant protection and a beautiful scent to your skin.Limited Edition Persephone Body Milk 250ml: Lightweight body milk infused with moisturizing organic olive oil & avocado oil that leaves your skin velvety soft. Enriched with rich natural essential oils that provide a luxurious aromatic & rejuvenating experience.Limited Edition Persephone Body Splash 100ml: A luxurious fragrant body splash infused with natural essential oils, offering a delicate aroma, while leaving your skin refreshed and invigorated all day long.

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Indulge in a luxurious pampering experience with our limited edition body care set! Begin with the cream wash, allowing the refreshing scent to awaken your senses. Embrace your skin with the nourishing body milk, leaving it silky smooth. Finish with a spritz of the fragrant body water embracing a captivating scent that follows you all day long.