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  • Natural | Tooth Powder

    12.95 incl. VAT

    Comes with Miswak & Prebiotics.

    Tooth powder preceded toothpaste by many centuries, our tooth powder is a
    healthy and fun alternative to conventional toothpaste.

    As research indicates that powder is more effective at removing stains and plaque
    than toothpaste, we have created our powerful toothpowder using modern science
    and ancient ingredients.

    Tooth powders, because of their form, don’t require the additives and preservatives
    that creamy toothpastes need to have the right texture.

    That alone eliminates many unnecessary ingredients. By keeping it simple and only including ingredients that are beneficial to the teeth and gums, tooth powders are more effective and are a safer option for adults and children.

    Here’s why this one is a game changer:

    Miswak (herbal chewing stick) has 19 powerful compounds that improve oral hygiene and freshens the breath, due to its anti-bacterial properties.

    This Prebiotic formula can help fight against bad breath, gum disease, decay and return your oral microbiome to a healthy balance.

    Cavity Fighters Xylitol works in two ways, it repels cavity-causing bacteria while leaving a hint of sweetness in your mouth.
    Gentle Abrasives Calcium Carbonate & Kaolin Clay provides a combination of abrasives that strip off stains and dissolves oily residues. High mineral content helps the process of remineralization to strengthen the enamel and prevent tooth decay.

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