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  • Biofunctional Umami

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    Health in Nutrition

    Biofunctional umami is a 100% natural medicinal aliment, used as a dietary supplement, with great taste and a specific daily maximum consumption. It helps the natural functioning of the human body and the immune system,by reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

    The active ingredients contained in extra virgin olive oil, along with the essential oils of dittany, sage, thyme and oregano, in specific proportions, work synergistically and promote the optimal health of the body at all levels.A lot of studies have proved that the above have healing, tonic, antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, astrigent, antihypertensive and other health protective qualities.The abundance of antioxidants, the fat-soluble vitamins, the polyphenols and other therapeutic substances, act against free radicals which not only contribute to cell aging but also to inflammation and illnesses.They also act against throat and lung infections, abdominal pain and chronic fatigue, and activate metabolism.They protect against cardiovascular disease, the so-called oxidative stress that causes cell damage and thrombosis. Some substances contained in it like squalene and lignans protect against cancer.Recent studies have shown that dittany, sage and thyme, in the right proportions, accelerate the recovery of mild symptoms of covid-19 corona virus and have a preventive effect as well.

    In Evergetikon, taking into consideration prevention, as well as the treatment of problems at a cellular level, we make products that include innovation, research, quality and values which we want to give a holistic perspective to, on the health and beauty of today and tomorrow. It is our mission.Warnings: Taking the product is not recommented if you are on anticoagulant treatment. Consult your doctor if you are preagnant, breast-feedind or taking medication. This product is not intended to prevent, treat or cure any human disease.

    Maximum daily consumption: 0.7ml (press up to 20 sprays each time) twice a day.It is consumed raw at all times,on bread,in salads,on tomatoes,on feta cheese,on rusks,on eggs,on grilled meat or on dishes of your choice and gives a wonderful umami flavour.

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  • Cretan Extra Virgin Oil | 100ml

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