White Hair Turban

Unveil perfectly air-dried strands while protecting your hair from breakage and frizz.

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Combating frizz requires an arsenal of hair care products and tools. Among them are microfiber hair towels, which are largely considered the best hair towels for achieving sleeker strands and decreasing your hair’s standard drying time. Renowned for their softness as well as their efficiency, the best hair towels are significantly gentler on your strands and dry them without stripping out essential moisture. This, in turn, eliminates frizz-inducing breakage, tangles and static from occurring in the cuticle, making them excellent for preserving and maintaining your hair’s health while also encouraging softness, smoothness and shine.

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Weight100 g

Suitable For

For all hair types and all hair lengths


Wrap your hair in it instead of a towel.

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