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  • Anna | Dessert Bag

    115.00 incl. VAT

    Model “ANNA” is the most capacity bag. Daily “baggy” handbag. Will fit: note, phone, large wallet, cosmetics, perfumes and snacks 🙂

    Handmade crochet bag made of premium T-shirt Yarn with 100% cotton.
    This model has lining.

    length/width/height – 26/15/22(cm)

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  • Anti Acne | Sheet Mask

    6.85 incl. VAT

    25 g

    Our skin clarifying sheet mask is made with salicylic acid to help unclog pores; naturally antibacterial tea tree, parsley, and rosemary to purify; and seaweed and basil to detoxify. Unlike other blemish treatments, this mask is non-stripping and nourishing for skin, made with plant ceramides and hyaluronic acid to feed skin with soothing hydration. This natural sheet mask is made from sustainable and antibacterial bamboo cloth and free of artificial fragrances, chemical preservatives, harsh detergents and unhealthy, toxic ingredients.
    #Cruelty Free

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  • Anti Bacterial | Wood Pulp Oil Blotting Paper

    9.75 incl. VAT

    Anti-bacterial blotting sheets are perfect for dabbing away oil and shine or touching up makeup. Made with anti-bacterial wood pulp and hemp.

    For All Skin Types
    Our makeup oil blotting sheets are an essential! Made from anti-bacterial wood pulp and hemp fiber to absorb excess oil and erase shine, these ultra-gentle natural blotting papers won’t smudge makeup.. Sheets can be used multiple times a day, to leave skin purified and shine-free.

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  • Anti-Age & Restoring Serum | Wild Rose & Rose Concrete

    35.90 incl. VAT

    With Wild Rose and Ladanum

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  • Anti-Age Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash | Mature Skin

    14.90 incl. VAT

    For those looking for a Cleansing Gel never tried before, with low foaming power capable of giving the skin cleansing and softness without pulling the skin.

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  • Anti-Age Micellar Water | Mature Skin

    13.90 incl. VAT

    Make-up remover for Face, Eyes and Lips.

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  • Anti-Aging Serum | Hyaluronate, Collagen & Sea Buckthorn

    40.50 incl. VAT

    Hyaluronate, Collagen and Sea Buckthorn

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  • Anti-Frizz | Hair Mask

    14.90 incl. VAT

    enriched with Abyssinian oil

    High- performing, frizz controlling, keratin safe & sulfate free hair mask for all hair types.

    Deep nourishing Abyssinian oil restores shine while significantly reducing the combing force on wet hair, protecting it against breakage.
    Hair smoothing Polymer complex transforms lifeless, dull hair to strong, radiant and silky to the touch from the 1st use!
    Sugarcane derived squalane effectively reduces frizz, improves elasticity, strengthens, leaving hair remarkably soft and manageable.
    Vegan micro proteins deeply penetrate to repair hair from the inside out, for long lasting strong hair.
    With 5 clinically proven actives and 94,64% ingredients of natural origin.

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  • Anti-Frizz | Leave-in Cream

    12.00 incl. VAT

    enriched with Abyssinian oil

    Frizz- taming, keratin safe & silicone free smoothing cream for a sleek finish and salon-worthy results!

    Restores the hair’s strength and stretchability, leading to less damaged, frizzy ends.
    Natural smoothing agents coat the hair shaft to effectively restore the natural structure of hair and repair hair surface damage
    Reduces frizz & flyaways, softens, detangles hair, adds shine, protects from heat styling tools
    Suitable for all hair types, leaves no residue, doesn’t weigh hair down
    Leaves hair delicately fragranced with a light floral warm scent
    With 3 clinically proven actives and 95,92% ingredients of natural origin.

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  • Anti-Frizz | Promo Pack

    24.95 incl. VAT

    Support A Little Shelter!

    By purchasing this promo box, you support the efforts of the shelter, but also the people who fight every day for the care of animals in need!

    The set contains:

    Anti-Frizz Smoothing Shampoo 200ml
    Anti-Frizz Leave-in Cream 120ml
    FREE custom-made scrunchie

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  • Anti-Frizz | Smoothing Shampoo

    13.50 incl. VAT


    A gently cleansing, frizz controlling, keratin safe & sulfate free shampoo that delivers optimal hydration without weighing down the hair!

    Natural conditioning agents prevent hair damage, repair, and impart superior hair softness and suppleness.
    Abyssinian Oil significantly reduces the combing force on wet hair, protecting it against breakage.
    It restores silky sheen to dry, frizzy hair.
    Hair feels and looks healthy, manageable and delicately fragranced with hints of violet flowers and creamy undertones.
    A host of natural surfactants generates a beautifully rich, creamy lather bringing a luxurious sensory experience to your daily routine.
    With 5 clinically proven actives and 88,03% ingredients of natural origin.

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  • Anti-Frizz Conditioner

    14.90 incl. VAT

    A creamy hair conditioner with a high detangling power, ideal for nourishing, repairing and glossing dry and frizzy hair or hair damaged by chemical treatments. It contains a mix of fine vegetable oils that in synergy with Shea butter, Mauve and hydrolyzed wheat and soy proteins, helps to restore the hair normal softness and silkiness.

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  • Anti-Frizz Shampoo

    13.90 incl. VAT

    Designed for the cleansing of both curly and straight hair that are matted and rough to the touch. 

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  • Anti-Frizz Spray

    15.90 incl. VAT

    The innovative, fresh and light formula of this spray has been thought for styling frizzy, treated and unruly hair, both naturally straight and curly. Its mix of vegetable and biological extracts have a conditioning and anti-static action; it counteracts the frizz effect without greasing and weighing the hair, and making the product immediately effective. Moreover, […]

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  • Anti-Spot Night Face Oil

    18.40 incl. VAT

    With Sea Fennel and Anchilles

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  • Anti-Thirst | Gel Mask

    13.50 incl. VAT

    Thirst quenching gel mask with hyaluronic acid and aloe.
    A refreshing face mask which improves skin’s water supplies and offers proven instant hydration*. Enriched with hyaluronic acid that boosts skin’s elasticity and aloe vera juice, rich in nutrients, which soothes and tones the skin for a fresh vibrant look.

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